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Upcoming Ed-En.Pro Workshops

Registration for the Interview Preparation Workshop is now closed.

Digital Marketing

Cyber Security

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Dates: 24 to 28 January, 2022.

Mode: Online  

Time: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Course Fee: ₹ 499/-

Status: Registration Open

Certificates will be provided.


Traditional marketing methods in this generation do not provide a good amount of lead, sales, prospective customers when compared to the current Digital Marketing Strategies.

Keep Yourself updated with the latest Digital Marketing Techniques and Strategies and use them on your own website for better overall results !!!

Become a Digital Marketing Pro Now !!!

All you need is a Working Computer, an Active Internet Connection and a Web browser.

This Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course will help you to acquire the appropriate Online Marketing strategies and skills that are needed to become a good Online Marketer.

Basic Course Content: 

- Fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop 

- Writing Effective Content for Marketing

- Creating Video Advertising 

- Building Website for Digital Presence (no-coding) 

- Introduction to Digital Marketing

- How to get started with Google ads or Google AdWords.

- How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign 

- Search Engine Optimisation.

- Social Media Marketing.

This course will help you to learn different functionalities and skills that are required in order to become a Digital Marketing Expert.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Dates: 2 to 4 February, 2022.

Mode: Online  

Time: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Course Fee: ₹ 999/-

Status: Registration Open

Certificates will be provided.


Cyber security refers to protecting systems connected to the internet from threats in cyberspace. It involves protecting software, data, and hardware and helps prevent cybercriminals from gaining access to devices or networks.

The importance of cyber security comes down to the desire to keep information, data, and devices private and safe. In today’s world, people store vast quantities of data on computers and other internet-connected devices. Much of which is sensitive, such as passwords or financial data.

If a cybercriminal was to gain access to this data, they could cause a range of problems. They could share sensitive information, use passwords to steal funds, or even change data so that it benefits them in some way.

This workshop from Ed-En.Pro will cover the following topics:

- Introduction to Cyber Security 

- Basics of Computer Networks 

- Tracking IP Address

- Fundamentals of VPN

- Email Spoofing 

- Installing Kali OS and configuring it 

- Phishing Emails / Social Media 

- Protecting yourself from Phishing 

- Android Hacking 

- Fundamentals of Social Engineering 

- Cyber Laws in India and various case studies

- Staying Safe on the Internet 

Kindly note: You will also be required to sign a declaration form to be eligible to attend this workshop.

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